Payment Gateway

VS Card Services provides a secure PCI/DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) solution to accept ACH and credit card payments online or over the telephone.

The Payment Gateway can be utilized for:

  • Online Payments

The Gateway is certified with the most widely used and popular internet shopping carts.  A web services API is also available to allow for integration of online payments into website.

  • Virtual Terminal

The Payment Gateway also offers a Virtual Terminal, which facilitates payments accepted over the phone or by mail or in the form of a service of subscription agreement. The Virtual Terminal can be accessed at anytime through an internet connection.  There is no software required.

  • Batch Payments

Files can be securely uploaded to the Payment Gateway for processing in a wide variety of file formats.

  • Card Swipe Transactions

A magnetic card reader can easily be connected to any laptop or PC at a minimal fee. This allows the Gateway to take the place of a credit card terminal.

  • Recurring Payments

Setting up recurring payments is easy and can be done in minutes. Simply open up the Recurring Billing Module and enter the pertinent information. Choose the date on which you want the payment to reoccur. That is all you need to do.  The system will take it from here by automatically processing the payments on the dates indicated and sending out notifications to customers.

  • Secure Payment Vault

The Secure Payment Vault safely stores customer information and retrieves it as necessary. This allows you to easily maintain payment information without the expense of outside data security precautions.

Other Products We Offer

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