Accept Credit Cards:

In today’s modern world, 75% of consumers prefer to pay with a credit or debit card and virtually every consumer has at least one Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, debit or check card.  It is essential to any business to have the capability of accepting various credit card payments to ensure their financial success.   Cash only enterprises are no longer a viable option.  VS Card Services can make sure that your business, regardless of risk, can accept and properly process all major credit cards.  Plus, we’ll do it at a great rate!

Online Payments:

If your business sells products or services online, VS Card Services has a solution for you.  We allow you to accept credit or debit cards using our Payment Gateway or our API web service. Our Payment Gateway will integrate with your existing shopping cart service.

Telephone Payments:

Did you know that you can process credit cards on your smart phone?  Our Payment Gateway is accessible through a mobile terminal, which allows you to process credit cards wherever you are.   This allows you to conduct business anywhere!


We gladly offer all quality terminals on the market, including Hypercom, Nurit, Way and Omni.  Not sure which one to choose for your business?  No worries, one of our specialists will be happy to go over the options with you and determine the best match for your unique needs.

As a bonus, we sell all machines at total cost to us.  We do not believe in making money on selling machines. Our primary goal is to get your company processing credit cards.


  • Adult Boutiques
  • Tobacco shops
  • Head Shops
  • Novelty Stores
  • Poor or Non Existent Credit Clients
  • Vitamins/Health Supplement Shops
  • Offshore
  • Terminated accounts
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Telemarketing
  • High Volume
  • Pharmaceutical
  • High risk businesses


There is no need for you to pay high fees or have your service cut off unexpectedly because other merchant service providers consider you to be high risk.  VS Card Services will gladly sit down with you and show you what your current provider is charging you in excessive fees and hidden charges.   We will then present you with a proposal that beats your current provider.

So choose VS Card Services to provide your merchant account needs in a cost effective manner, while still maintaining quality results!

Please contact us today with any questions or concerns.