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    VS Card Services can offer assistance to any type of business, including:

    • Adult Boutiques
    • Tobacco shops
    • Head Shops
    • Novelty Stores
    • Poor or Non Existent Credit Clients
    • Vitamins/Health Supplement Shops
    • Offshore
    • Terminated accounts
    • Travel
    • Education
    • Telemarketing
    • High Volume
    • Pharmaceutical
    • High risk businesses


    There is no need for you to pay high fees or have your service cut off unexpectedly because other merchant service providers consider you to be high risk.  VS Card Services will gladly sit down with you and show you what your current provider is charging you in excessive fees and hidden charges.   We will then present you with a proposal that beats your current provider.

    So choose VS Card Services to provide your merchant account needs in a cost effective manner, while still maintaining quality results!